14 Seater Limousine


This is the only 14 passenger limousine registered for use in Australia. It has an opulent interior and twin sun roofs, twin TV's, CD, Video, Sony Playstation, Karaoke, Laser Disc and Surround Sound.

When you need transportation for a large group, whether it's for a wedding, corporate event or other event, our 14 seater limo hire Melbourne is a great option. Our limos can fit up to 14 people with plenty of space for everyone inside. You and your guests can enjoy our limo's stylish interior and twin sun roofs that let in natural light. Our 14 seat limos also have entertainment options that can make your ride exciting, including laser disc, karaoke, surround sound and even a Sony PlayStation. Ride in style while having a fun time, and depend on us to make sure that you arrive at your destination as scheduled.

Could this one limousine carry your entire party? Consider the exclusivity of having the only 14 passenger limousine at your function.Contact us today about arranging your every need.